Our Reviews

Walk out with a brand new healthy smile


Our Reviews

Walk out with a brand new healthy smile


“These braces would bound my smile. I am so glad dentist visits you at home and does a thorough diagnosis. Didn’t have to worry about traveling through the traffic, or leave office early just to secure a dentist appointment. Thank you, Toothsi, for doing it all.”

Suraiya Patel

“I’ve worn braces my entire life and I know exactly how taxing the visits to the dentist can be. What makes Toothsi different is more than just the invisible aligners that I am wearing right now in fact, they send their dentists over to my place to fix the alignment of my teeth.”

Shruti Malhotra

“It is such a relief to find a dental product delivery. Who would imagine, life would get so convenient! Thank you, Toothsi, for saving me the hassle of travel and I love your prices. the rates totally suit my wallet.”

Rajesh Arora

“One doesn’t naturally go to the dentist all happy and excited, but what makes it endurable is a dentist service that comes home to solve my teeth problems. it was a very comfortable and relaxed experience and the assistants too are so supportive.”

Ali Balsania

“Reasonably priced, dentists are extremely helpful, I cannot stop smiling. I will definitely recommend this service to all my friends and family.”

Sonali Shah


No travel hassles. No scheduling issues.

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