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You’re about to start your smile makeover journey and we couldn’t be more excited! So while our aligners take you closer to that picture-perfect smile you’ve always wanted, wouldn’t it be great if you could track your progress the smarter way, that too from the comfort of your home? Grin will help you share your scans and get real time feedback from our orthodontists. Order now and get this product delivered with your aligners!

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Correct us if we’re wrong but having to take self-scans of your mouth every now and then isn’t as easy as it sounds. We feel you, and have just the right solution for you! 

With Grin, you can conveniently take high quality self-scans of your mouth, thanks to its FDA-registered Grinscope device that helps you take up close & guided images with ease. Share these with your personal orthodontist and get guidance from them 

Chat with your orthodontist and get all your queries resolved. It’s like having an orthodontist on your smartphone, on the go!


The Grinscope

  • It’s an FDA registered medical device that helps you take high quality self-scans of your mouth effortlessly to share with your orthodontist
  • It can easily be attached to your smartphone’s camera and can get into your mouth without any issue, thanks to its smart design

The Grin App

  • It’s your one-stop solution for effortlessly tracking & sharing your progress with our orthodontists
  • You can chat with our orthodontists anytime you want within the Grin app. Now that’s a ‘Grin-worthy’ feature!

how to use

Step 1: Once you’ve received your Grinscope, download the Grin app. We’ll be sharing the login code on your registered email id to sign in to the Grin app.

Step 2: Open the Grin app and follow the self-scan instructions. The app will ask you to place the scope over the phone's camera and tighten the strap. 

Step 3: When you start scanning, the app will guide you to turn your phone horizontally. Then, stand in front of a mirror and place the scope in your mouth to finish your scan.

Step 4: Share the scans with your orthodontist using the Grin app. They will receive a notification and can respond within the app itself.

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