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removable retainers

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removable retainers

That last step of your smile makeover! Use the retainer to maintain the results of your smile makeover: 24X7X6. Which means that you should wear it for 24 hours a day for 6 months after your entire smile makeover is over. Order now and get this product delivered within 7-10 working days. Price is inclusive of all taxes.

product details

Who is it for?
Those who have completed their smile makeover journey.

What’s in the box?
Upper retainer/ Upper or lower retainer/ Lower retainer or both, as per your order.


For better results, use retainers for long term.

how to use

Wear it at night for the next six months.

contents, ingredients

1 upper retainer

1 lower retainer

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Are retainers fixed or removable?

As the name suggests retainers are removable, they aren't fixed. They restrict the movement of your newly aligned teeth, back to their original position.

Do retainers take some time to adjust?

Our body takes some time to adjust to new things, so similarly you might take some time to get used to your retainers. Your retainers may require tightening and that can be slightly painful.

Do retainers need regular cleaning?

As recommended by the orthodontist, it's better to use toothsi foamy to clean your retainers daily and avoid infection and bacteria build-up.

Will retainers increase plaque?

No, if you are cleaning your retainers daily, you'll have no problems like plaque and bacteria build-up. Retainers don't increase plaque.

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