Start 2020 with a smile that will spark the world. Call on +91 2249790101 and book a session.

Start 2020 with a smile that will spark the world.
Call on +91 2249790101 and book a session.

we work like magic

The first session, the fittings & the delivery, happen at your doorstep. Every step is safe, scientific, overseen by experts, on par with global standards and painless.
Your smile is in good hands. #MicDrop

toothsi meets nicole

a four-part series

The way we work, sounds better as a web-series.
Sit back, binge on the munchies and press play.

Episode 1

book a session

While scrolling on Instagram, Nicole stumbles upon on a new brand, toothsi. She’s curious. Can the gaps in her teeth disappear painlessly, without anybody knowing?
“Let’s try.” She calls toothsi and books a session for the weekend.

Episode 2

assessment at home

The doorbell rings. It’s a toothsi pro. Within minutes, he does a 3D capture of her teeth and answers her queries. After that, Nicole tells Milkshake, her cat, that she’s excited to see her toothsi plan.

Episode 3

get a virtual smile

Nicole is staring at her teeth (in 3D). There are no gaps! It’s a digital prediction made by a team of orthodontists (with 10+ years of experience) and our techies. Nicole turns to Milkshake, who is reading the toothsi plan. 
That looks good too. Nicole makes her first payment.

Episode 4

aligners are delivered

In this thrilling finale, Nicole receives her cool aligners and a demo. Her toothsi aligners are transparent, flexible, durable, tasteless, stain resistant, (breathe) biodegradable and BPA-free. Nicole tries one on and breaks into a 😊

Bonus Episode

we’ll be in touch

Nicole and toothsi stay connected. Her progress is regularly monitored. She receives constant assistance. After 7 months, Nicole stops using the toothsi aligners. The gaps in her teeth are gone. According to Milkshake, Nicole smiles more often now.

be a nicole. book a session.

You have nothing to lose here. Only to gain - a bright good smile.

Give it a try dude.