Start 2020 with a smile that will spark the world. Call on +91 2249790101 and book a session.

Start 2020 with a smile that will spark the world.
Call on +91 2249790101 and book a session.

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about the aligners

A new, easy and a painless way to align your teeth. They give you a new smile, straighten your teeth, resolve tooth gaps and a lot more.

Comfortable, premium quality PET-G (BPA-free) sheets and a phthalate-free plastic called Duran. They make the aligner comfortable, tasteless, lightweight and safe for your mouth.

We create multiple sets for your upper and lower teeth. When you put on the aligner, it moves your teeth into the desired position.From here, they get to work.

Your bite requires the support of both your upper and lower teeth. Only then does it settle perfectly. We have to consider crowding, open bite or gaps between teeth while deciding on a treatment plan. That’s why even if the problem persists only in the upper jaw, the lower jaw needs to be aligned accordingly. If we ignore the other half, the problem could escalate the issue concerning the positioning and bite of your teeth.

during the process

We don’t rush our procedures. The shortest time is 6 to 8 months. The maximum is somewhere between 10 months to 15 months. It depends on an individual’s teeth requirements. All of this is decided by our senior orthodontists.

Most toothsi users don’t visit the orthodontist at all. But if the expert requests, we will inform you.

Absolutely. Toothsi pros will be constantly in touch with you right from the first session to the very last assessment.

We will give you a schedule to follow. Also, we regularly remind and inform you about the break and shift in the plan.

Yes you can.

Your aligners won’t affect your health. But, if you feel uneasy wearing them while you are sick, do take them off. Especially, when you feel like throwing up.

No, you can’t. Your orthodontist has planned your treatment. Consult us before you take any such steps

Order a replacement from us right away.

We will tweak the wear-time and duration to improve efficacy. Which is why it is crucial that you follow all instructions to the T, so as to allow toothsi pros to guide you accurately.

Yes, you have to wear it after the treatment. Wear it 24x7, except while brushing and eating meals — follow this for 3 months. Post this, wear it only before you go to sleep. We provide the first set of retainers. They will last you for 6 months. After that, you can easily purchase it from us.