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Start 2020 with a smile that will spark the world.
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How to Eat Mindfully With toothsi Aligners


With great aligners comes great responsibilities. Once your smile makeover starts, pay attention to how you eat. Unlike braces, you can eat whatever you love. Yup! But follow these do’s and don’ts. Only to make sure that your favourite food doesn’t come in the way of your smile makeover.

Eat your heart out

If you are a foodie at heart, good news! Eat or drink whatever you want. But remove the aligners before digging in.

Don't chew with your aligners

No. Not even a bite is allowed. Hard chews can defnitely crack the aligner. And FYI, it’s not easy to chew with aligners.

Time your meals

You have to wear your aligners for a minimum of 20 hours. Start by fguring your eating patterns and timings. Once you fgure this, you can meet the required duration and also enjoy your meals at your pace.

Keep your aligners stain-free

We make the aligners invisible so that nobody can spot them. The moment you drink or eat with your aligners on, they will get stains. Invisibility mode, gone!

Drink responsibly

When you have your aligners on, drink water. That’s it. No soda, colas, cofee, tea or wine. Not even fruit juices. Enjoy these beverages, only when the aligners are of.

Brush after every meal

You don’t want any food particle to stay between your teeth and the aligners. It will lead to plaque (that yellow fungus thing between your teeth) or worse, cavities. So quickly brush after you eat.

Start carrying a toothbrush

Since you will have to brush after your lunch and evening snack, we recommend you carry a toothbrush with you.

Goodbye chewing gum

Gum can stick to your aligners. And then it’s difcult to remove it. Plus, you’ll have to call for a new set of aligners./p>

Don’t keep your aligners on tissue-papers

Yes, we are serious. Many people have done this. Especially when they eat in a hurry. It’s unhygienic, and you may forget them. Always keep the aligner case with you.

Ignore others

Not many people care about their smile. You do. So if that means you have to change your eating habits or take some extra care, it’s absolutely worth it. Don’t fall for peer-pressure or wonder what others will think.

Bon appetite

Please don’t stop enjoying your meals. toothsi aligners will never come in between you and that delicious caramel custard. After a week or two of practising these tricks, it will be all fine. Promise!


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